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Unlike other epistles, James is not so much concerned with doctrine but living out doctrine. Over half the words in this epistle are commands. James believed that true faith produces the corresponding works, and if it does not, it is not true faith (Jam 2:14-26). Even the demons believe in God but are not saved (2:15, 19). True faith not only hears God’s Word, but obeys it (1:22). It not only sympathizes with the poor but also cares for them (1:27, 2:1-13). It affects one’s tongue (1:26, 3:2-12) and how one responds to conflict (4:1-3, 11-12), trials (1:2-4), money (5:1-6), planning (4:13-17), the world (1:27, 4:4) and much more. James wanted the scattered and persecuted Jewish believers he wrote to develop a faith that works. Let’s study this epistle together with The Bible Teacher’s Guide.

James: Developing a Faith that Works

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